Dark Red Golden Retrievers, Bred for the Field

Puppies available now!

About Us

White Bluff Golden Retrievers is a small, family owned kennel committed to raising quality AKC/CKC golden retrievers. We live on 160 acres in northern Idaho surrounded by the Clearwater National Forest which gives us and our dogs plenty of room for hunting, hiking and exploration. The nearby Potlatch River and the Palouse offers ample duck, geese and pheasant hunting. Our goal is to raise dark red golden retrievers bred for the field, preserving their original purpose. Our dogs are bred for retrieving; but have also served many children and adults as service and therapy dogs or simply loyal family pets.  

Our Puppies

We are planning to have a litter of golden retriever puppies available for adoption this fall (2019).

To reserve a puppy for adoption, please contact us.

Our Dogs

Swede (Male)

Dixie (Female)

A Photo Gallery of Previous Litters

We raise our dogs for field use. Puppies from our previous litters have also performed well for therapy use and as service dogs.